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Sunday, April 13, 2003

With great power comes great responsibility

The US and British militaries are the only power that exists in Iraq right now. They are the only law. So who needs to accept responsibility for not policing the people who are destroying the infrastructure of the country, not to mention their history, through looting? I can accept that a few Iraqis have reacted to the end of the regime through looting and property damage... hell, we do that over a hockey result. (Mike sends me an article that suggests the looters were not Iraqis at all, but I admit I can't see a reason why the Pentagon would import people to run amok, and I really can't imagine why anyone who doesn't absolutely have to be in Baghdad right now would have gone... the story smells like bullshit to me.) What I can't accept is the apparent disinterest the Americans seem to be showing in keeping hospitals, museums, and bread factories safe.

They wanted this responsibility. When will they assume it? For many of the remnants of history of the cradle of civilisation --- a heritage we all share --- it is already too late.

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