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Monday, October 13, 2003

An excellent reason to be thankful

We spend a lot of time assigning blame for the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead of that, several academics and former leaders have put aside the generations of war, occupation, and terrorism, to search together over a couple of years for a workable agreement, which they've now unveiled. Called the Geneva Accord, it calls for Israel to return generally to the 1967 borders, calls for the Palestinian Authority to give up the "right of return", and generally calls on both sides to calm the hell down.

As has become standard operating procedure, Ariel Sharon's government has rejected the deal before it's even been discussed. I'd call that "proving the point of the opposition politicos who were involved." Having said that, I think this deal will have legs. I think average Israelis are sick of feeling under siege, and perhaps sick of being perceived as occupiers. I'm sure the missile strike in Syria and the giant wall cutting across their backyards make some Israelis think twice about the price of a constant war stance. For their part, the Palestinian Authority is making positive noises, and they might be able to keep this proposal alive while Sharon tries to ignore it.

I'm thankful for people like this, who think "taking matters into their own hands" means something unrelated to Bronson-esque vigilanteism. At a time when governments around the world are displaying their skill at organized violence, I'm thankful there are citizens who are taking peace into their own hands. Mr. Sharon, Mr. Bush, tear down this wall!

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