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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Pants aflame!

James Bow has written an interesting post about the lack of success negative campaigns have been having lately. Apparently, the two leading parties in Saskatchewan have heard this message as well. Not that they're both running positive, issue-based campaigns - no, that would have made sense. Instead, they're accusing each other of running negative campaigns.

IN the debate Elwin Hermanson called Calvert a hypocrite because the NDP government had its own plan to sell off a stake in SaskEnergy. During this election campaign, the NDP has accused the Saskatchewan Party of planning to sell off the province's Crown companies if they form a government, something Hermanson has argued is misleading.

Meanwhile, Calvert says his opponent is starting to look desperate.

Elwin Hermanson deflected questions about his own party's stance on Crown Corporations by pointing to the NDP.
Here's an idea as innovative as it is counter-intuitive: be honest and forthright about your plans for government, expect the other parties to do the same, and then let voters determine which path they prefer.

Perhaps what's truly scary is that the CBC felt the need to interview a Political Science instructor (one Shadia Drury) at the University of Regina to explain this, when it should be taught in any elementary school Social Studies class. You normally have to hear Donna Moss asking absurd questions to get this level of basic civics on a television broadcast.

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