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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

The asshats have spoken

Larry Spencer's EA says communications to the constituency office are running 80-20 in support of the MP.

Earlier today, I was reading Colby Cosh attempt to convince the world that we should just ignore MPs who make comments like these - "weird, unsourced nonsense about gay recruitment". Sure, it's crazy, and very few under of any political stripe in this country under thirty-five years old thinks the government has any business legislating where my penis goes (with the adult consent of the recipient, natch). Don't paint the Alliance with this brush. I was almost convinced.

When eighty percent of the calls to a constituency office - hundreds of citizens - are nodding agreement with this guy, this is more than batty old Aunt Marge. We need to be loud, vigilant, logical, and thoughtful. (Sure, I like the term "asshat", but I always assume I'm preaching to the choir.) If Stephen Harper is serious, if he is saying that this thinking is not part of the Alliance party, if he's saying that he rejects Spencer's outlandish remarks outright, then he needs to speak up to these hundreds of constituents. He needs to send a message, and if that means tearing up the card of one old anachronism as a warning to the hundreds of others who have expressed support for Mr. Spencer, then he needs to do it.

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