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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Weblog roundup pt. II

I'm reluctant to draw this list. The blogosphere does not deserve to endure formal organizing. Nonetheless, onward.

As I was starting to rebuild my links, as promised, a pattern emerged of a heavily cross-linking cabal of Canadian centre-left political bloggers. Spicer, Ikram, Kinsella, POGGe, Middleman, Bow, myself (I'd like to think), and at least one that I've somehow managed to miss until now: The Armchair Garbageman.

He (I'm going to say "he" unless corrected - GarbageMAN, you see) writes well, and has that snarky tone I work so hard to emulate. I hope I don't lose all my readers to him. Then again, there's the whole Alberta thing.... he's another T.O.'ian. Regardless, once the link list is rebuilt, you'll be seeing him there.

I'm sure there are several others I have likewise missed. Forgive me... I'm keeping up as best I can.

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