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Thursday, December 04, 2003

The reciprocals keep coming

I've added All Things Canadian to the list on the left. The unnamed author has just started up, and has already posted plenty - hockey and politics, it seems. Jon should like that. Edited to add: three days, and already a broken link: his link to information about Larry Spencer on the CA site is already dead. That didn't take long, but look for that link to function again if Larry gets invited back. Further edited to add: now the link routes to Spencer's press statement. Busy webmaster over there.

I've also abbreviated the name of "Peace, Order, and Good Government, eh?". Amatuer political hacks like myself like to be overheard talking about the federal government's "POGG powers," so I feel both justified and smart. The longer name took up two lines unhighlighted, and undermined my sense of aesthetic balance. I'm all about the aesthetics, folks.

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