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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Weblog roundup, pt. III

For some reason, this post has been getting a lot of blog traction... links elsewhere, as well as a busy comments section. First of all, thanks for the links. Second, I have no idea why the comment link shows only one - there were six at the time of this posting. Third, I probably should have included Fletcher in the list of cross-posty types as well. I knew I'd skip someone obvious if I attempted the list.

The focus of the responses has been on my definition of this group as "centre-left". I wrote this to The Middleman's comment section, after his vigourous argument that he's not left-wing:

In my own defense, I wasn't all that interested in the ideological label when I wrote the post - and unlike Kinsella, I wrote "centre-left". The reaction to this has convinced me that the "centre" portion of that claim is the operative word. I have no problem with labelling my own politics, but I've never heard anyone use "blue ND" (the opposite of "red Tory"), which is where I put myself.

Mostly what I was attempting to point out was there seems to be a group of bloggers - a group you and I both fit well in, I think - that link frequently to one another. We quote one other, we respond to one anothers' posts, and when one of the set discovers something interesting it tends to work its way around.

I think it's neat - I think we're collectively different enough that we're offering more than "me-too" punditry, and yet cumulatively we're adding more to the Canadian political discussion than we ever could alone.
(edited from the original comment for readability)

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