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Monday, May 24, 2004

The debates begin!

I'm not talking about the debates between Harper, Martin, Layton, and Duceppe - no, I'm talking about the disputes over what is and is not a gaffe.

Don at All Things Canadian... has noted Martin's election announcement was somewhat sub-flawless:

when Martin stood up to the microphone, his mind was clearly elsewhere.

"A general election will be held on Monday the 21st, the 28th of Jan-, the 28th of June," he told reporters in French, quickly correcting himself with a laugh.
Here's what I wrote back to Don:

I can't fit enough digits across my page, if I have to award points to the Liberals every time Mumbly Joe opens his yap.
Comments? Should I be giving away points for every sign of an unclear mind? Or shall I save them up for vote-impacting errors?

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