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Monday, May 31, 2004

Decision time

Well, I made two decisions over the weekend. First of all, gaffe points - Layton's Clarity Act declaration earns him three (SIG=1, PROM=3), in my opinion. Fact is, no matter how serious I think it is, it hasn't captured the attention of voters the way the homelessness declaration did, so I can't score it more seriously. Maybe it was the timing (Friday night is not a bad time to say something that might be unpopular, if you want it ignored by a wider audience), maybe it was the topic (who's thinking about Quebec separatism these days? Even the Quebec government is federalist. What's the big deal?), but there doesn't seem to be much reaction in the English press one way or the other.

But I still feel like this is going to come back to haunt him, and it is being trotted out on occasion already, generally not as a story of its own, but in context like this:

Layton started the week accusing Paul Martin of killing people and ended it by suggesting he'd be willing to let people kill Canada. What a nutbar.

On that basis alone, I'd say Dennis [Mills] is going to kick Jack's ass. [No permalink to the post - seek out May 31]
I think there was a point when Kinsella was even thinking about supporting the NDP this election. I think it's fair to say that opportunity has passed.

And hey, for me too. That was the harder decision this weekend - I walked away from the campaign I was working on. I didn't want to do it, because I still think John Chan is an excellent candidate, and I'm still wishing the campaign all the best. But I can't in good conscience keep working for a party so cavalier about Canada's future.

So, I guess I've just joined the most important portion of the electorate - the undecided. I will prepare myself to be wooed.

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