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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ah, the ads. Guns in the streets, and what-not.

I'm not going to revisit at length the reasons the ads, the backpedaling, and the threats of violence are gaffes. I mean, c'mon. Straight to the scoring.

The whole party, including the Prime Minister, has been drawn into the discussion of these ads. The Liberals are behind, they needed a huge debate from Martin, and they needed two weeks of spin and policy to follow. Instead, the ads, especially the pulled ad, are the only Liberal story being covered. The ads were a hail mary attempt to turn the election around, and instead, they've given the Tories a shot at a majority. That scares me a little.

Hey, wait! Maybe that was the strategy! Give the Tories a big lead to get a rush of scared voters back to the fold!

Nah. They're just shockingly dimwitted. The (prom) of the entire party - how do you score that? I'm going make it a single calculation: call it "Prime Minister Plus". (Prom)3+1, multiplied by (sig)3. I'm calling the entire adscam (or is that word taken for something else?) twelve points. I'm clearly making this stuff up as I'm going along.

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