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Monday, January 23, 2006

What happened in Quebec?

On the CBC, at least, they've stopped talking about What It All Means (just in time for the collapse of the Tory/NDP majority - they're down to 151), and have started talking to candidates. I suspect the war rooms have started sending out the schedules or concession/victory speeches. There's one question that was talked around, but not particularly directly addressed.

What happened to the Bloc?

I think the vote tonight proves that the Bloc's early polling numbers had far more to do with distaste toward the Liberals than it did toward any overwhelming seperatist sentiment (at least, not moreso than usual). Give Quebecois another option, as Stephen Harper managed to do this election, and they're happy to walk away from the Bloc.

This is good news for a second reason, beyond the obvious: you can't have a caucus of Myron Thompsons and Rob Anderseses...es.... er....

... a caucus that contains nothing but people like Myron and Rob would have been far more disconcerting than one where the room is shared by members who know that social conservatism is electoral death. You can't be talking up restricting abortion or gay marriage and expect Quebec to give you a second chance.

Now if only a seat or two would flip so the new government won't need to court the BQ at all.

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