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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Yeah, I haven't figured out the final winner of the Gaffe prediction contest yet. Everybody's always ridin' me! In the next day or so we'll all know who gets to earmark my $20 in the next election, likely coming in - what'da figure, 2007? Might be worth another pool right there. Would it be wrong to play "guess the date of the next election" before Steven Harper's even had a chance to put his hand on a Bible?

Another winner was Andre Arthur, centerpiece of an appeal to deny CHOI-FM their broadcast licence renewal. An independent MP needs a very balanced house in at least one configuration to become a power player - otherwise, he's cooling his heels, getting a little committee work and begging for a chance to ask something during QP. M. Arthur luck in this matter is in no way dimished by the fact that he appears, on the surface at least, to be batshit crazy. But perhaps that's just the guy he plays on the radio. I wonder if he can come out of character long enough to sound reasonable in the House when it comes time to send the Tories packing and make a winner of someone in the RevMod next election date pool?

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