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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Catch the Buzz

Buzz Hargrove says Stephen Harper's intent to decentralize some power toward the provinces essentially makes him a seperatist. In fact, Quebec voters would be better off voting Bloc, apparently, in order to stop the Tories. I can't claim to understand why voting for explicit seperatists is better than voting for implied seperatists, but such is The Logic That is Buzz™.

Yeah, I'd love to gaffe this. Overstating the danger represented by your political opponents is always a winning strategy in Canada - just check my earlier posts. But which party do I assign it to? Buzz has advocated voting Liberal, albeit in a limited way, but he's also advocated voting NDP in seats where they can win. And now he's advocated voting Bloc. In short, don't vote Tory. Very helpful, but I can hardly score any particular party for it. I could almost claim the Liberals, since Martin was the only leader so far this election dumb enough to share a stage with this particular loose cannon, but that's a stretch. Buzz is a party all on his own.

Instead of gaffe points, I'll instead award Buzz the RevMod Nice Big Cup. Congratulations, Buzz.

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