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Thursday, December 12, 2002

More on that other Paul Martin:

Not the next Prime Minister of Canada, but the reporter for the Washington Times who "broke" the Nasrallah speech story. Skip through the main story, and read the section three-quarters down entitled "Mystery Man"

(As for confirmation of the ID, the Sydney Morning Herald is the only source I was able to find that I wouldn't call 'vested'. But I'll keep searching, and would happily see anything others might find. See the e-mail link over to the left there, near where the archive link would be if it worked? Right. Thanks.)

Fair enough that he's using a psudeonym... I have no idea how much danger he might have been in. But an Arabic psudeonym? That seems to be a little too intentionally misleading, when reporting on events in the middle east, don't you think?

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