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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Posting light, but had to post...

I've got too many things to do today, that I've been promising too many people for too long would be done. However, I need to get two things off my chest.

The Two Towers

I was taken to a midnight showing last night, and despite exiting the theatre at 3:20, only to find a football-halftime-sized queue for the urinals as it got out (in fairness, the movie attendees, while slightly more heavily male, were also much less drunk, and found less occasion to go "Wooooo!" or pick fights in said lineup), I really, really enjoyed this film. I was not nearly so impressed with The Fellowship of the Ring, which was too plodding and filled with too much exposition. Jackson has learned his lesson about showing us, rather than telling us. The CGI was much better than I've seen before --- the Golem was a character convincingly interacted with, and the crowd scenes looked like crowd scenes filled with unique extras, not Gladiator's monocrowd or Lucas' "Where's Waldo" Senate scenes. And there's nothing like real actors acting to CGI to help add to the realism. More detail is deserved, and may come eventually.

Dear David Ahenakew and Trent Lott:

I've been trying to find something unique to add to the Trent Lott discussion. There really is nothing that Tom Tomorrow isn't already saying in much greater detail. And some of the same things can be said about David Ahenakew, though the circumstances are not the same.

Nothing I had come up with seemed entirely appropriate. Until I found this. What could I possibly add?

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