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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Ray Hnatyshyn 1934-2002

On the radio and television the last day, it seems the only people who knew and appreciated the former Goveror-General were Tories. Brian Mulroney, Peter Lougheed, Harve Andre... these are the voices I've been hearing. So I was glad to read this, looking around for others:

Former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow called Hnatyshyn's death a "great loss."

"If I had to point to any one person as an example of the kind of politician should model himself or herself after it would be Ray," he said.

"He always carried a tremendous sense of humour which always put a perspective on debate and was civil and decent and I think that's a tribute to the way public life should be conducted at all times."
(Story here)

Myself, I think a legacy that includes giving Rideau Hall physically and symbolically back to the people of Canada, is the sort of democratic legacy that all Canadians should appreciate. John, Carl, if you happen to come across this... my deepest sympathies to your family.

John Hnatyshyn's brief online memorial to his father can be found here.

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