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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Ashcroft was high-larious

... but he had to go. He gave the page a little colour, but I'm sick of seeing the American flag gracing my page, particularly after the news that Americans are getting ready to screw us again --- this time, on wheat exports.

Hey, do you want our help on this second resolution thing or not, assholes? Seriously, I'm sick of getting a thumb in the eye from these pushy bastards every time we turn around. That's right, I said bastards!

In the meantime, I hope those few farmers who are trying to break the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly are paying attention to this. See that? The Wheat Board is an unfair advantage. And that's Americans saying that... we all know how quick you are to believe the Americans when they say something. Now, go back to your seperatist talk.

I digress. I'm in the market for something to take some space on that left bar that will be equally colourful, but a little more Canadian and entertaining. I'll be doing my own searches, but if you notice something great, feel free to let me know.

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