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Sunday, March 02, 2003

Questionable ends, frightening means

A memo has come to light showing that the American government has been spying on UN delegations sitting on the security council. It shows that the Americans are willing to take extreme steps, violate whatever standards, to get their war. I think we already knew that, but still.

Today, Cross-Country Checkup is asking how deep anti-American runs in the Canadian psyche. When I see things like this memo, I'm less surprised at anti-American sentiment. I'll go a step further... Americans, this is your war machine. You have the responsibility to bring it to a halt, to rein in the excesses of your government, to make your democratic government answerable to you. There are many Americans who are taking that responsibility seriously. I cannot be anti-American without ignoring my deep admiration for those Americans who took to the street, who write their blogs, or letters to the editor, or letters to their members of congress, who talk to your co-workers, who work for peace in a hundred ways large and small. But to those of you who say "damn world opinion, damn the rule of law, damn ethical behaviour, get what we want at any cost," yeah... I'm anti-you. As for those of you who sit aside, now is the time to do something... you can't pretend that the actions of your government are not being done in your name.

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