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Sunday, March 16, 2003

More from the home fries front

First up, Nellie's has relented on the Freedom fries menu. But she seems to be under the mistaken impression that my objection, and the objection of others, is that the menu was implying a pro-war stand.

"Maybe it wasn't fair to impose my opinion on the rest of my staff, those that were in favour and those that weren't," said Nellie's owner Roxanne Taylor-King.

But my objection isn't the mixing of politics and breakfast... good for people who have opinions and express them, however wrongheaded I might think they are. Notwithstanding that this is a silly debate in the face of the horror of war, my objection is that we aren't contemplating going to war with the French, yet they've become the solo target of ridicule despite being joined on the anti-war side by dozens of nations around the world. That's not debate... that verges on racism. I think this debate has exposed how much the Americans simply don't like the French. Two points, American readers: one, perhaps they should come to repossess the Statue of Liberty... you haven't been earning it lately anyway (I'm looking at you, Mr. John Ashcroft!), and two, (to paraphrase a popular right-wing blog sentiment) if it weren't for the French military, you'd all be speaking British... perhaps you should show some gratitude.

My second report comes from CBC's Definitely Not the Opera, who asked the question "What happens next Thanksgiving when millions of Americans will be reminded by their traditional dinner of the trechery of their NATO allies who have denied them a northern front for their war?" Forget turkey --- let's all have some Free Bird! (and cue the song.)

None of this crap will matter in a few days when the shooting starts. I'm thinking Tuesday or Wednesday.

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