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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Posting light today

A couple of things will be keeping me away from posting today.

First, today is the first day since I arrived home that the temperature has gone above zero, so I'm going to go make a snowman,. or some such. Also, I'm messing around with the template HTML, so the page may appear odd on occasion today... forgive me.

A couple of short points before I run off, though: first, Deborah Grey is retiring from politics. I'll miss you, Deb... as Reformers go, you were always a favourite of mine... enjoy your retirement, and I'll watch for your motorcycle rolling through town.

And second, Gerald Caplan writes why Rwanda is an example of UN inaction the United States should never, ever mention.

If you grow bored, go read Tom, because he's had plenty to say so far today.

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