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Monday, March 10, 2003

Why do people trust the internet before traditional American media?

As you may recall, a memo was leaked indicating that UN representitives were being spied upon by the US as part of their startegy to win a UN vote.

The Guardian broke this story March 2. I reported it March 2. If you prefer your online commentators a little more to the right (a crapload more to the right), Damien Penny reported it on March 1, proving that even on the east coast those paying rapt attention can take good advantage of time difference. I can't find what seems to be the first story on March 3 (stories on that site seem to live a week), but the Globe and Mail followed up with this story on March 4.

But there is not a word of it on CNN's website, not a word on the New York Times website. (Faux News has too many registration hoops to jump through, but who believes there might be something on the story there?) How could this possibly be? Norman Soloman asked the same question a few days ago, but nothing has changed. Seriously want to stop the war, New York Times, as you claim? Report this story. Do it now.

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