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Friday, March 14, 2003

Gumboot diplomacy part two

Today, I have a puzzle for you. Let's say you are the United States. You find yourself standing up for truth and justice (hey, this is the American view of things, here), and the world shows itself without the resolve to stand at your side. Your friends are few. What's the correct diplomatic move?

a) Work hard to address the concerns of countries standing opposed to you, and bring them onside;

b) Bribe and blackmail your way to a positive UN vote in the hopes that even a vetoed resolution will provide you with international legitimacy;

c) Accept your opinions are not shared by the world, and value and congratulate your few friends for the rare jewels they are;

d) Make sure everyone knows how strong you are by telling your few friends you don't need them.

The correct answer, according to Donald Rumsfeld, is "D"... tell your friends you don't need them.

Goodbye, Mr. Blair. Next time you're Prime Minister, and decide to stake your political reputation on something, find smarter allies.

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