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Friday, March 14, 2003

So much for Canadians being any smarter

The story has already disappeared from Canoe, which was the only news source Daypop could tell me about, but Doctor Tongue is on this story: Calgary's Nellie's Restaraunts and the Blackfoot Truck Stop have adopted "fuc freedom fries / toast" as their menu standard. I'll miss both places.

But then, via August, I discover that the Americans have trumped us once again on anti-French stupidity through the desecration of military cemeteries. You know, Bush has been very careful to say that he stands against Saddam, but not the Iraqi people... perhaps it's time for him to say the same thing about the French. I mean, I know the people and the leadership in France are both against the war, but I bet you'd find the same thing polling Iraqis who will be receiving American democracy delivered on the tip of eight hundred (or is it three THOUSAND?!?) cruise missiles.

Ironic Update: I have continued to search around for Nellie's references on the web, and the first choice in a Yahoo search for "Nellie's Calgary" was this page, part of a French tourist guide from Yahoo France.

You know, notwithstanding their recent expansion, the only place I'll think of when I think "Nellie's" is right on 17th, not two blocks away from where I lived in my younger years. I know that community, and I feel awfully confident most of the residents there are not keen about war. The Blackfoot Truck Stop is probably speaking the language of some of its customers with this anti-French declaration, but I'm concerned that Nellie's will be empty in a week, and stay that way.

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