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Saturday, March 08, 2003

Better than writing something myself

I got a note from Paul Mather, whom none of you have ever heard of, but who was enough reason for me to tune in a staticy signal on my car radio from CBC Edmonton to hear his comedy riffs with Peter Brown. (It didn't help that successive Calgary drive-home hosts have been humourless and their interview subjects dull.) I'm glad they both have national gigs now, because it means I can hear them on a clear signal.

Hyperlinks are all mine, because I like hyperlinks a lot.

Hi Don:

How's it going? I work at 22 Minutes. I'm sure the powers at be have no problem with posting the american apology. Just FYI, it was written by the writing staff not by Rick Mercer, who isn't with the show anymore. (It was performed by Colin Mochrie.)

They tell me they're putting up a video version of the piece so it might be worth looking at the 22minutes.com website for it. As I look now it's not there but maybe after the weekend or something.

Anyway, cheers,

- Paul

(There is a clip on that 22 Minutes page identified as the apology to Americans. Watching the clip, it seems to be an entirely different apology. I'll keep an eye out.)

You know, not only did the original Mercer/not-Mercer e-mail writer identify Colin Mochrie as Rick Mercer, but it was forwarded relentlessly without correction and posted everywhere the same way. This tells me that no one is watching 22 minutes any more. Myself, I stopped when Marg Princess Warrior stopped having conversations with politicians, and started performing monolouges in their presence. And the move to Tuesday didn't help... I'm afraid I prefer to watch Kiefer yelling "Where is the bomb?!?" at various people tied in chairs. Plus, you know, chess club.

Update: the This Hour Has 22 Minutes site has added the correct clip, which you can hit directly from the link here. Requires Real Player.

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