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Thursday, December 01, 2005

First points on the board (C-2, L-0, BQ-0, ND-0)

Sharp-eyed readers will have noticed a point going up on the board shortly before the entries closed last night. Attentive players will know that for a single point, it can't be either of Harper's headscratchers, since the leaders of a party only scores in multiples of three. Nope, the first point goes to Jason Kenney, for his goofy attack-dogging.

Yes, it was an honest mistake: the Omni reference by Scott Feschuk was a little obscure. I could almost half-gaffe his line: the only people who will get that Omni magazine as required reading for the tinfoil hat types are people who remember Omni magazine. Because we read it. Note the "we". Bastard!

Whoops - I digress.

I made an error, though, concluding that Kenney is a mere one-pointer. He's a serious enough player in the CPC to count for two. Confession time: I put up that point when I knew Kenney was scoring something, and wanted to see if I remembered how to change the score, and the pictures. So notwithstanding what the scoreboard says, the Conservatives have scored 2(prom) x 1(sig) = 2 gaffe points to open our event. And I haven't even started in on Harper!

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