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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wilkins, Williams, Wilson, Wendigo, Wumplestiltskin...?

Paul Martin got all name-confused. Then the Conservative website got confused about what name the Prime Minsiter misspoke.

But really, who cares? Are either of these errors likely to change a single vote anywhere in the country? Maybe a few, as part of a cumulative effect of becoming concerned about the Prime Minister's clarity of mind. But this error specifically? I can't imagine it.

I set the precident last election, and I stand behind it: no gaffe points for Mumbly-Joeisms. I gave in a little when Martin vascillated between losing and saving the country, but that one worked into a certain suspicion that some of us have about Paul Martin. That's as far as I go.

As for the Tory response, well, they got to look a little foolish as well, but this is even more minor than Martin's error. No points. They'll all have opportunity enough to run the score over the next two evenings.

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