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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gaffe weekend round-up, final part: homosexual sex marriages leave me old and confused. (C-7, L-17, BQ-3, ND-1)

Catching up on the post from last week:

The discussion in the comments, and my fast gaffing of Scott Reid, holding the equivalent position in the PMO, has convinced me that John Embury holds a political, not a civil service, position. (Prom)1 by (sig)2 = two more for the old and confused Liberals.

As much as I'd like to score the Anders crime / crystal meth / homosexual sex marriage mailer, I can't. I haven't been able to confirm that it was sent during the writ (though I've certainly seen enough to convince me that MPs were given a certain amount of time to get out last mailings, and that several used that opportunity to send out their Christmas cards, after the writ was dropped). More importantly, it probably wasn't a gaffe at all. It was goofy to most of us, but for some of the residents of Richmond, there's nothing like a good scare tactic to keep them voting Tory. In fact, having the "survey" sent out by Anders might have been ingenious central Tory party strategy - appeal to SoCons while having the distance to say "There goes Anders again. What a dope! But a seat's a seat."

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