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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Humour in Uniform on the Campaign Trail

If you aren't reading Scott Feschuk's campaign bus blog, why not?
It might end up producing some gaffe along the way, and being stopped half-way through, but while it lasts, it's keeping me well-entertained. The real insights are buried under the humour:
Dear Blog Boy: I was just wondering how many times you get the Prime Minister to say "fundamentally" in a speech? It sure seems a bit excessive! - J.H.

Thank you for your very, very important question. Make no mistake: fundamentally, the Prime Minister is a man who, essentially, speaks in a very, very distinctive way. Let me be clear: we have pointed this out to him. And fundamentally, what he has said in reply is, essentially, that we should be very, very quiet and go away.
Can't they parachute this guy into a riding somewhere? Ignatieff isn't working out so well. To quote "leftcoastguy" on the babble discussion board, "Michael Ignatieff carries more baggage than a mule in a taxi strike." Hee!

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