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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gaffe weekend round-up part one: reconsidering Sunday's score

I'm trying to keep my weekends mostly to myself, but all the errors seem to get made late in the week. Last night, I felt the need to post Scott Reid's blunder, and as the Calgary Grit argued, I may have overestimated the significance. What can I say? I was recovering from a Saturday night beer-and-popcorn bender. Thank goodness they started licensing movie theatres!

Anyway, to set up an objective marker, I've hearkened back to John Hnatyshyn's now-defunct Newsmaker Pool, an early inspiration for what's become the Probably Nearly Annual for the Foreseeable Future RevMod Election Gaffe-o-Meter Prediction Contest. This coming Saturday, I will scan the front section of the Globe and Mail for any reference to "beer and popcorn". If none exists, I will roll the score on Reid's error back to 2x2 = 4. However, if the phrase can survive a week's news cycle including two debates, the 2x3 will stand.

Scott Reid's resignation or firing in the meantime will likewise allow the 2x3 to stand.

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