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Saturday, January 25, 2003

Am I happy?

This wasn't the NDP leadership result I was hoping for. I think the party is taking a huge gamble with Jack Layton. And I think this is a time when careful course adjustment could have elected us a Prime Minister. And further, if the party was in the mood for a crapshoot, I think Pierre-mania would have been a much better place to start.

Having said that, I get to be disappointed today, but tomorrow, I'm going to realize that Layton and I agree about most political matters, and I'll get used to his style. It won't be difficult to maintain my membership.

Now, my first piece of advice: Jack, perhaps I wasn't reading your campaign materials close enough, but I don't recall reading that you were planning to wait two years to get a seat. I think that's an extremely poor decision, and I wish you'd mentioned it to your ardent supporters. Perhaps the area code 416 kids you signed up would have been quite satisfied to hear you'd be organizing "on the street" and working "at ground level" where they're already carrying signs and chanting, but I suspect some of your party insider support would prefer that you "raise your profile" and "do your fucking job." But go ahead, wait. (I agree with you, Jack, that there shouldn't be a resignation, but if you can't win a vacant seat in a byelection between now and the next federal election, that's not a good sign for your leadership in that election. The leader has better things to do in a general election than remind his constituents that he IS the leader.)

Ah, the bitterness sets in again. I will get through this, and be back to my normal, bitter-at-everything-except-the-NDP self in no time.

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