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Sunday, January 05, 2003

When did Saddam stop beating his wife?

It's like a high-school assignment: compare and contrast George Bush's rhetoric and the seeming results of the weapons inspections.

Here's what will happen. If Hans Blix comes to the UN on January 27 to say his team found weapons of mass destruction, Bush has no problem --- bombs away. But if Blix says the weapons inspections found no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, well, Bush can talk about the Iraqis playing "hide and seek" with the weapons inspectors, describe that as a "material violation" of the UN resolution --- bombs away. Shed no tears for Saddam Hussien, but I'll shed several for fairness, reason, diplomacy, and international law.

Poking holes in the American rationale for war? Tom's the king. Here, too.

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