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Friday, January 03, 2003

The downside of blogging

Here's what happens: you look around for a little while, you see what other people are doing, and after losing a day, you feel inadequate.

I'm not going to make wild promises simply because the new year has begun. However, I'm certainly going to endeavour to smooth out the more obvious and embarrassing bumps.

One of those repairs will be sorting out why Blogger is so hostile to my attempts at permanent links along the left bar. Once I figure that out, you're going to see sites I frequent, and today, I likely would have been adding bob upndown blog, (the first Calgary blog I managed to find), and cowtownbloggers, which I found through the first.

Had I found these sites three months ago, I may not have started this blog. The idea first struck me when I could not, under any circumstances, find an Albertan political voice on the web that was a) current and b) not connected to a publishing or broadcast empire. But now I have, and I'm going to be struggling not to simply link there often and say, "See, that's what I think, too."

But I'll try to stay fresh by boning up on these logical fallacies, before my next run-in with Mr. Levant. Oh, how I wish I had seen this even a week ago. I find the etymology of idiocy a very useful tool. Don't just tell me he's a dope --- name his dopiness. Preferably something Latin.

I guess this means I've fallen on the "someone must stop him" side of my internal argument directly below.

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