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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Who is Number Two?

I've made you all wait long enough. My second choice for leader of the New Democrats is Joe Comartin. Smart, soft-spoken guy. New enough to the House not to carry the entire load of old baggage that Nystrom and Blaikie would be carrying. He reminds me a good deal of Ed Broadbent, and if we could elect him leader and then patiently wait three elections, he could really grow the party... he'd be the type of leader that would get us grudging appreciation from Canadians who will not vote NDP even once their entire lives.

When I said that Bill Blaikie was my third choice, the big criticism was that he tends toward the bombastic. Joe tends toward the soft-spoken, professorial, intellectual. I think that's actually a pretty good default mode. But I haven't really seen another side... is there some fiery Southern-Baptist-preacher hiding in there somewhere? I think that's a style that needs to be within reach. And I think he's the furthest left of the three MPs who are in the race... for some, again, that's a big point in favour. I like my NDP leaders closer to the centre, however. I have no concept of his French for good or ill.

Yesterday, I heard that Buzz Hargrove had endorsed Comartin. That was almost enough to bump him behind Blaikie, and reminded me that my rankings here are by no means fixed. But I'm going to forgive him that endorsement... he is the only CAW member in the race, so he may have recieved the endorsement by default. As well, Hargrove may be setting up an excuse to keep throwing his feces onto the party from the sidelines, because Joe is a pretty slim bet to win.

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