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Friday, January 17, 2003


I'm not usually one to advertise a right-wing blog. I'm never one to advertise a right-wing blog. But I have to admit, searching for something completely unrelated, I found and actually enjoyed Daimnation!, live from Corner Brook. Now I get the feeling being a right-leaning blogger in Newfoundland is not completely unlike being a left-leaning blogger in Alberta, so I have respect for the fellow, even if I find myself clucking my tongue in usual judgemental left-wing fashion at his politics. The writing's good. And, hey he posted this about Gordon Campbell, so he's not blinded by ideology. I can appreciate that, too. And finally, I think I've found the blog I'll follow for a thoughtful right-wing argument on ... well, on whatever ... when Ezra becomes too tempting a straw man.

Update: Okay, so I noticed his hit rate... over 1300 a day. My sympathy for his isolation is somewhat reduced.

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