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Sunday, January 12, 2003

The reason Bill should have his own blog

If he did, I'd have nothing to do but link the lollowing:

Actually getting a workable media spin on Campbell's DUI charge. Quite a few talking heads are going to the tune of: During Bingogate, Campbell screamed that Harcourt should resign, and that anyone under investigation, no matter what the charge, should step down. During Casinogate he said the same thing about Glen Clark. Neither of them were found guilty of any criminal wrongdoing. Campbell has admitted to criminal wrongdoing. You do the math...

As for myself, well, there have been comparisons between this and Ralph Klein's Christmas conversion to sobriety over a year ago. But verbal abusiveness is not drunk driving. And I tend to believe Klein when he says he's stopped drinking. And we all knew Klein drank. My criticisms of Alberta's Premier are many and varied, but alcoholism isn't among them.

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