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Friday, January 17, 2003

Profile in Courage

I've stolen this title from Michael Moore's site. In the weeks and months following September 11, when the voices of dissent were few, Moore featured (for example) Members of Congress who didn't support giving the President absolute power and what-not, and who paid or were willing to pay political prices for their dissent.

That's the sort of category Carolyn Parrish belongs in. There's not much out there about this, but the story should be told. Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish has said she'll walk out of the Liberal Caucas, walk across the floor, and sit as an independant if the Government involves Canada in a military operation in Iraq without UN approval. CBC story containing brief aside about it here.

Perhaps this will be a bigger story if she actually needs to follow through on this. If that's the case, God grant this story will wallow forever in obscurity. In the meantime, e-mail her to tell her you appreciate the stand she's taking. Add your own pathetic excuse for an MP in the carbon copy recipient list... that address will be hidden here somewhere.

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