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Thursday, January 09, 2003

Fourth in my priority, fifth on the first ballot, number one in our hearts...

My countdown continues with Pierre Ducasse. (I'm generally linking to the English language sites of all the candidates, but in Pierre's case, if you're comfortable in French, clearly the web designer was as well.)

I really like Pierre. I had a conversation with him at length (in Lorne Nystrom's hospitality room) and was impressed with his sharp mind, his subtle ear, and his passion about Canada. Pierre was a Quebec nationalist for a while, but has always come from the left. After Quebec Referendum Pt. II in 1995, he came to the conclusion that there was no leaving Canada, and it was time to change Canada for the better.

Pierre is thirty (though a little balder than me... thank goodness someone is!). For me, that's a huge positive. So is his coming from Quebec... I think the NDP needs to take seriously getting a foothold in Quebec, if we ever hope to form a government (or even claim true "national" party status). So is his communication style.

What are the negatives? Well, he has no seat in the house. He has little or no chance at a seat in the short term, presuming he's committed to a Quebec seat, even as leader. He has no seasoning. His understanding of issues is the understanding of an outsider. And he tends to go over the top on some issues... much the same way I do, actually, but I operate a blog, and he wants to be leader of a national party.

The New Democrats should be doing everything they can to show commitment to Pierre, and to getting him elected, in Quebec. I want him in the house. And if I was more confident my candidate (patience, it's coming) will come first or second on ballot one, I'd give Pierre my first ballot vote (and I still might). I might toss some money his way, as well, once the unemployment insurance kicks in... it's a small campaign, and I'm glad he ran it, vote or no.

Bill, again: I can see why Ducasse is creating a buzz: part philosopher, part class clown. Reminded me a little of another Pierre who was a New Democrat at one time.

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