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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Conspiracies abound!

I'm not a big conspiracy theroy guy. You may have noticed a strong lack of such on my site. So I thought it might be a good idea to get them out of the way in one shot.

This article concerns itself with the top ten conspriacy theroies of the year, and follows with ten "Honourable Mentions". The honourable mentions are the more interesting list, because there's no context for them, no links to deeper research, and they have a tendency to sound truer than the others. My favorite? 3. Jeb Bush's 7 September 2001 martial law declaration in Florida. Wha?

The nice thing about this post is that it's the opposite sort to this one, where, if I've gotten it wrong, leave me open to mocking and derision. This time, just one of those have to be true, and discovered, and I can link back and say, "Didn't I warn you?"

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