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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

No politics ahead:

So, when I downloaded my P2P software, I accepted one little add-on (but only one): a little temperature gauge that sits resident on my taskbar. It's always nice to stand for the bus, have a stranger say "wow, it's warm", and be able to say "sure is... twenty-four" like I actually know. Today I considered removing the gauge, because for the first time, I'm looking at a temperature below -20*, and the font on the tool seems a little unfriendly, like it wonders what sort of idiot would live in a place where it's twenty-five degrees below.

On Sunday, I'm on a Greyhound headed east in my ongoing effort to find work. I hear it's colder the further east you get. Ick.

A side note: I have on a couple of occasions applied for work in Iqaluit. I think working that far north (albeit indoor work) would be a neat experience. The current temperature in Iqaluit? Also -25. How cold is it in Calgary? It's Iqaluity.

* Dear American reader: the rest of the world uses Metric. Catch up, already.

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