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Thursday, January 09, 2003

In interests of equal time:

The Liberal Party of Alberta has announced a campaign including an online petition asking the government to offer a natural gas price rebate this year. In effect, the Liberals are implying the only reason rebate cheques came when they did in 2000 was due to the imminence of an election, and they're right.

But here's a hint for you, Mr. or Ms Liberal Party: if you're going to make a public announcement about an electronic campaign? If you're going to mention a website for it? An online petition? Maybe you should have the pages ready, and linked back to your page, so someone listening to the news can find it all and sign up while it's still on her mind.

UPDATE: The petition is available here. It's possible it was available since the announcement, since it was referenced from the caucus page, and not the party page. Which I still consider bad planning, since most Albertans would have a lot of trouble explaining why there's a separation between the two pages and would likely check only one. But it was not as bad an error as I originally thought. Perhaps they should have spent a few dollars on a unique URL, since this is a big campaign for them, but I'm hardly in a position to complain about URLs, given my own cheapness in the matter. Still, wouldn't it have been nice if the news broadcasts could have said, "For more information, go to www.gasrebatenow.com"?

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